Last September, local trio Wild Powwers quietly released a booming, potent, and intelligent rock record. Doris Rising boasts heavy, crunching guitars and sinewy percussion, all expertly tempered by gorgeous, forceful vocals. The latter are mainly courtesy of guitar player Lara Hilgemann (formerly of the Peeping Tomboys), but backup vocals throughout the record enhance everything they touch. Bass undercurrents are handled by Jordan Gomes (Sailor Mouth), and the aforementioned drum work is that of the inimitable Lupe Flores (Tacos, the Grizzled Mighty, probably 12 other bands I don’t know about). This is one of those records you put on and then don’t turn off until it’s weeks later and you realize it’s the only thing you’ve been listening to. It’s an addicting affair, and according to Flores, the band is already at work on a new one. Get in now so you can say, “I told you so.” GRANT BRISSEY (The Stranger)

Wild Powwers– Closing out a truly AMAZZZZZING evening is Wild Powwers, a trio of ample power indeed. Guitarist and vocalist Lara Hilgemann’s voice is a towering inferno. It’s unfuckwithable, to say the very least. Her guitar work complements her voice like fire and gasoline. Throw Jordan Gomes’ fast and dark bass licks in there and Lupe Flores’ full horsepower drums and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. The members of  Wild Powwers hail from such esteemed bands as The Peeping Tomboys, Sailor Mouth, Tacos, and The Grizzled Mighty. They seem to have found some genuine magic as a trio, however, making music that makes you feel like you might want to smash some bottles down by the train tracks with your juvenile delinquent friends while skipping 5th period. In the very best way possible. Their most recent effort, Doris Rising, tells the tale of Doris getting ditched at the prom and the very monstrous havoc she wrought. This record is so, so good. Apparently, they are already working on a new one, as well. Thank sweet holy fuck. We need Wild Powwers. But Wild Powwers sure as shit don’t need us. They’re burning this motherfucker to the ground… And laughing in the flames. – STACKEDD MAGAZINE

Wild Powwers: Ok, ok, ok. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Check this band out. I’ve never, ever, heard drums hit as hard as Lupe Flores does. She floats behind her kit just absolutely crushing every beat and singing harmonies while lead singer Lara Hilgeman owns every song with a voice that ranges from angelic to destructive. This ain’t no folk band, though I’m sure grunge/shoegaze is the folk music of some pretty cool folks. Bring your whole family to the darkened confines of the Vera Project, and leave assured that rock and roll in Seattle is very alive. -AMERICAN STANDARD TIME